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Deidra Live Journal!!

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November 4th, 2005

11:42 pm - Hey hey people!!
Hey hey. Well today was rather entertaing. Me and Autumn woke up around eight and watched The Nanny then were like well hmm maybe we should watch Saw. So we did and the clown is SUPPER scary lol. Plus it made me really really sick so we couldnt go watch saw 2 tonight :(. Then after wards we just sorta hung out. Around 230sh me and her walked around then Derek and Jake got off the bus becuase they had school and we just walked with them. I gave Jake ALOT of candy lol. I bet he was hyper. Then around 6sh Steph got here and me and her hung out til 7. Then we got lost trying to find Madisons house. When I got back Andrew was here so I told him Happy Birthday then us girls went to the corner and talked lol. Then we came back and took A LOT of photos. Around 830 we left to go see Prime. Good movie really. But who brakes up with someone during sex?! Really... idk! Well anywayz came back and here I am well gtg Im really tierd so pce.

Alwayz&Forever Me!!
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: idk??....

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November 3rd, 2005

HEY YOYOYOYOYOYOYO!!! Well first hour we did headlines and such. Second hour we went to the gym and like ya............... me, Janelle and Tiffany took a pic of Daylyn and put her in a muscular body. Third hour me, Billy, Pearl, Emilie, and Steven read the play. Billy kept doing girl voices and mexican voices. IT WAS HILARIOIS!!! Studyhall me, Sinead, Shawn, and Madison all just hung out. Then Trisha came over! GOD I HATE HER!! She thinks she is dating my cousin...ya right!! Lunch I sat with Dixie, Alex, Madison and some chick. Then we went to the theater and watched little people come out. Fourth hour we did a really hard lesson. Its confussing!! Fifth hour we went to the lab and we went back early cause we were talking. Oh well just extra 15 minutes I didnt have to talk to Mariah. Sixth hour we made hot chocolate. GOODD!!!! We got in trouble for talking!! GOD!! I came home talked with Autumn on the phone while watching Dr. Phil. Then I got on myspace. Then Stephanie came and we walked up and down my street and took pics. Now Im typing this up while Stephanie reads it aloud to Autumn. She is really annoying!! Lol j/k ;)!! Anywayz LATAS!!

Alwayz&Forever me!!
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: Steph

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November 2nd, 2005

09:11 pm - WEEKEND PLANS!!
• Stephs sleeping over tomorrow!!
• Friday me, Madison, Steph and Shawn are hanging out!! Gonna see Saw 2!!
• Saturday Madison is sleepin ova yayayayaya!!! I love her!!!
Current Mood: hyperhyper

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04:46 pm - My Day!! YAY!!
So like ya lol!! WOW today was great!! First hour we did a newspaper headline. Second hour we went to the annex. Third hour we did vocabulary for the story were starting. Studyhall me, Shawn, Madison and Sinead were talking about Saw 1 and 2 so me, Shawn, Madison, Autumn and steph MIGHT go see Saw 2!! ROCK ON!! I know theres a lot of us but we all rule!! Then at lunch I sat with Madison, Alex and Dixie and Erick and Amanda and i forgot the other girls name oops. Then during fourth hour we just did a homework quiz, review and warm ^ then we were done!! Me Madison and Shawn hung out til we all got in trouble. Jimmy was acting like a two year old!! Fifth hour we talked about the periodic table then we did our scripts. Sixth hour we took a test then we did a study guide. Then I came home talked to Auttie on the phone talked with Ashley outside got in a argument with Mariah and Ill post it here. Then like ya thats it. Im on the phone right now!! TOMORROWS THE LAST DAY!! Well gtg latas

Alwayz&Forever Me!!
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: Ill Be Missing you- puff daddy and Faith Evans

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November 1st, 2005

05:20 pm - MY FANTASTIC DAY!!

Hey people. Sup?? Okay well today during first hour we just worked on our rubrics. Second hour we played floor hockey!! JARROD IS SO FINE!! Lol Third hour I was the fourth person to present and Billy kept asking questions and I was like WILL YOU WAIT TIL IM DONE and he shuted up lol. he was first to present. He sits right behind m e and he puts his arm around me and is alwayz like whats up baby?? Omgsh I remember him doing it last year do u autumn? Which sucks now is that he acts like he likes me MORE!! Studyhall me, Copper or Shanana, Madison and Shawn were all talking. Madison said Im so mean to shawn BUT I AM lol. Lunch I sat with Alex, Madison, Dixie, Cody, Erick and Alex's friend and Dixies friend. Fourth hour we did percents EASY!! Fifth hour we did our periodic able and our scripts. Sixth hour we took notes and tomorrow is our test!! I came home did homework and was talking with Autumn on the phone. Then I got on here went to myspace did a lil there and here I am. Well gtg.

Btw. Shelby doesnt like me no more. EVEN THO she has no idea who i am anymore. What a freakin lil immature 12 year old. W/E!!

Alwayz&Forever Me!!

Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: You and Me- Lifehouse

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October 31st, 2005

06:12 pm - TRICK OR TREAT!!
Hey there sexay people ;)!! Okay well today has been fairly easy. First hour we watched a video and did a group activity. Second hour we ran. Omg was it easy. Third hour we worked in the computer lab to get our book report done. Studyhall I just chilled with Madison, Copper, Shawn, and Tae. Weird people but I love them :D. I kept calling Shawn gay but he knows I was kidding!! Lunch I sat with Dixie, Madison and Alex. WEIRD SILENCE LOL!! Going to fourth hour I walked with Madison, Alex, Dixie, Mariah, Steph and her friend. Fourth hour we worked on ratios. I think she hates Hallo ween cuz we got more homework than usual!! Fifth hour we went to a different room for the demostrations. They were awsome!! I sat by Athens he is sooo hott!! He was like talking to me and everything and we kept sitting close to each other ;)!! Sixth hour we made popcorn balls. They were okay I didnt try any of them because I cant!! Me and Autumn walked home did homework and I made milkshakes we were laughing soooooooo hard!! Then we went to my grandmas so we can hand out candy there but no one came! Then we came back handed some cansy out then she left and Im still handing candy out. Well gtg for now latas. Oh ya and I think Madison is sleeping over SAturday so I might have some people come chill with us on Saturday!! Well pce.

-Alwayz and forever me!!
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: trick or treaters!!

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October 30th, 2005

05:07 pm - AH HUMBUG!!

Lol the subject line has to do with what me and my mom were doin at WalMart. Lol I will get there!! Chill!! Okay well I woke up this morning at like 10-1020sh?? I think lol aint for sure. Then I just talked with my mom til 1230 then we went shopping. We went to fashion bug and I bought a pair of CUTE shoes!! I cant wear them to school until there broken in darn it!! Then I bought a green shirt that says Dont unwrap until x-mas ;) lol. And a VERY pretty read shirt!! Then we went to some athletic store!! WOOT WOOT!! I just bought red shorts for gym but man there was some hott guy there. Ow ow lol!! 8-)!! Then we went to Payless and I got  two pairs of shoes. One is teenishoes for school and the others are black fuzzy ones. After, we went to WalMart and we went down the christmas aisle. And my mom wouldnt buy a 97 cent box of candy canes so the whole time I was like AH HUMBUG your a scrudge and stuff like that lol. Then we saw Bree and I just gave her a hug and asked how she is doing and such. We got some candy and we FINALLY left that OVER CROWDED WALMART!! Lol. Well tomorrow Im handing out candy.!!

Autumn- Do you know if u can walk home and chill with me?? U can help hand out candy!! And are u going to ur dads house next weekend??

Well gtg pce.

-Alwayz and forever,


Current Mood: cheerfulR.I.P Cory Lee Depeugh ilu CLD
Current Music: a tv show

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October 29th, 2005

09:22 pm - PHOTO UPDATE!!

Hey everyone whats up? Well im gonna try to do a photo update. But today I was bored and I talked to Autumn on the phone twice and Mariah on the phone once. I swear she is trying to get rid of me and the rudest way possiable!! Here are some photos!!

 me and Steph!!

 lol what were we doing??

 steph and mr. twizler!!


well gtg bye!

Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: ...

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04:51 pm
Hey everyone!! How is your day :D

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October 28th, 2005

09:44 pm - R.I.P- Cory Lee Depeugh- Always close to my heart!!
Well today wasent as fun as yesterday!! Visit my old site- tinkerbell_x1!! To see what happened! Well first hour we took a quiz and I totally aced it!! Second hour we went to the annex again!! Third hour we worked on our theme. Studyhall me and Madison just chilled and she helped me with some homework!! Lunch I sat with Madison. Alex didnt 'feel' like coming lol. Fourth hour we finished up the lesson. Fifth hour we made a periodic table. Sixth hour we make twice baked potatos. GOOD!! Came home and there was no electricty!! So i just got my 8th grade box out and looked in it. Then we went out for dinner we had lond gon dolla. Oh ya and then we came home, NO ELECTRICTY AND IT WAS FREEZING!! Then he came and we were like OMG THANK YOU lol. Well gtg for now pce!!!

- Alwayz and forever, Me!!
Current Mood: coldI miss cory!!
Current Music: geico commercial lol!!

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